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I’ve enjoyed this course

Thermal Styling Course + Ebook
Latiisha Hester (San Jose, US)

Thermal Styling Course + Ebook

Extremely helpful

Hi reader. A little about me, I come from the early years of braids and weaves. I have done many during my tenure. I now have carpal tunnel and so I am limited to a few weaves ever so often by
clients who won’t go elsewhere. So needless to say when I saw this course I knew it was one I could use but no one I serve was open to it. A few yrs later and I have the course to see how it could fit. I am clear it will. I just finished the easy to understand video instructions and will get my set up after xmas to practice. I have some ideas of my own too but we will see. The creator of this course is simply genius for this method. This should be a line item on every wig wearer/buyers list or budget!

Very detailed! I am so glad that I purchased this course! Made a wig lready and ready to make more!

Courtney Butler
Artesia is the bomb

I followed the Glueless course from beginning to end and created 2 amazing wigs in 2 weeks! Artésia is an amazing educator. If you are on the fence about purchasing this course GET OFF! You are literally purchasing a business because the steps to success are all laid out. Thank you Artesia and PharmD School of Wigs ❤️

Thermal Styling Course + Ebook
Kourtney Lennon (Philadelphia, US)
5 stars

This is a must get course I ove it soo much and learned alot.

Thank you for the fantastic review! We're thrilled to hear that you loved the course and gained valuable knowledge. Your success is our ultimate goal, and we're here for any questions or support you may need on your wig-making journey. Keep shining, and we can't wait to see the incredible creations you bring to life!

- Emily, Student Support

Does Wonders for Social Media

Just what I needed to develop a plan for my social media activity.

We're so pleased to hear that our e-book helped you develop a plan for your social media activity! Social media plays a crucial role, and we're here to support you every step of the way. If you ever need further guidance or have questions, feel free to reach out. Your success is our priority!

- Emily, Student Support

PharmD School of Wigs has been an absolute game-changer for me!

I stumbled upon this gem of a course when I was just starting my wig-making journey, and let me tell you, it's been a life-altering experience. The best part? LIFETIME ACCESS! 📚

The step-by-step tutorials made it a breeze, even for someone like me who was a complete beginner. I've crafted beautiful lace closure wigs, lace frontal wigs, and so much more. The knowledge is empowering!

No more rushing through lessons or feeling overwhelmed. With lifetime access, I can revisit the material whenever I need to. It's like having a mentor on speed dial!

PharmD School of Wigs is not just a course; it's a community of learners and creators. The support and resources are unparalleled.

If you're looking to master the art of wig making and enjoy the freedom to learn at your own pace, this course is your golden ticket. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your potential. Trust me; it's worth every penny!

Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us! We're overjoyed to hear that our course has been a life-altering experience for you. The fact that you've crafted beautiful wigs and feel empowered means the world to us. Having you as part of our community is truly special. Remember, we're here for you whenever you need a refresher or have questions. Here's to a lifetime of learning and wig-making brilliance!

- Emily, Student Support

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Shonterra Walls (Roanoke, US)

I absolutely love this course. I learned so much, way more than I ever could learn on YouTube or TikTok. I highly recommend

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Sarah Jones (South Holland, US)
Love the Product

Absolutely love this course book! Very informative and helpful. 10/10 recommend buying because this will save you money in the event you need to make your own glueless wig.

I’m officially ready to slay!!

Made my first post course unit, and let’s just say…I got it!! I was struggling with how to get my units to lay flat, and not be to tight. My unit came out PERFECT!!
I’m so proud of my work now! I feel more confident now while measuring, sewing, and installing.

If you feel you are struggling, this course it’s where it’s at!! Best money you will spend! Invest in yourself, totally worth it!

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Morgan Robinson (Spring, US)
From Beginner to Wig Designer

I am an absolute beginner to making wigs, but this course literally took me step by step through the process of creating custom quality wigs. Artesia provided great instruction and detailed examples in a concise way without information overload. I enjoyed this online course, and I can’t wait to take my business to the next level with what I’ve learned!

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Christina Cephus (Nashville, US)
Perfect For Beginners

This training is great for beginners. Artesia did a great job getting straight to the point with the creation of the different wigs. I also enjoyed the tranquil music! Her close up POV shots were great and definitely is best for learning online! I would have loved to see more styling options and how the created units looked on a model or the client.

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Toptier Chambers (Raleigh, US)
No complaints!!!

I was impressed! Honestly thought it was gonna be lengthy but it wasn’t short neither. & that’s a good thing! Very straight to the point but detailed at the same time! I believe it will be something I actually enjoy! And thanks to this class! Babyeehhh IMA WIG DESIGNER NAH 😂😂😂 #manifestation #grateful

Pocket Guide to Winning Chargebacks: E-book
Sebastiana Black (Dallas, US)
Helped my business

Applying the information to my business was the most important thing I needed to level up. I feel so much more protected from charge backs now.

Best class

This program is exactly what I needed. I’m super happy I enrolled. The knowledge is beyond wonderful.

I love this course , and I can’t wait to start my wig journey

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Imani Green (Feasterville, US)

This course is very helpful and beginner friendly!
It’s great for someone who’s looking to improve their techniques.

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Dayshauna Talley (Pennsauken, US)
100% Glueless course

I absolutely loved this course very detailed and advanced but easy to comprehend, step by step instructions and visuals to the perfect wig I am a beautician used to sew in installs but this beginners friendly course could help anyone create the perfect wig thank you for creating this course and being diligent in the teaching of your craft


I have not gotten through each module in the lessons quite yet, with my work schedule and things but I have gotten through quite a few. The modules are extremely detailed and I appreciate that, it makes it easy to follow for meticulous people like myself. I had been looking for a course on glueless wig making for awhile and couldn’t find any at first that seemed worth it. This course though is definitely worth it, I’m definitely satisfied and the bonus of being added to a community of other learners is just some icing on the cake.

Great class

I just started the glueless wig class and I really love every bit of it ! The class is so professional and easy to learn. I’m excited to continue my education with pharmd school and plan on taken more classes!

Great course

I purchase this course and it was great, very user friendly. I can rewind and retake what is needed.

Loving the class

I Love it….. Thank You!!!!

100% Glueless: The Customs Course + Workbook
Sydnie Stennis (Park Forest, US)
Flat seamless wigs!

I’m so proud of myself with how FLAT and seamless my wig turned out. She is a great teacher!! I do recommend buying everything on the supply list that def made me prepared and confident. I ended up buying every course she has after I purchased this one and each one was well taught and professional! If you want to invest in your business you’re at the right school 💞

Hair Extensions & Wigs Vendor Book: E-book
Sydnie Stennis (Park Forest, US)
Best vendor book!

I’ve spent hundreds at the beginning of my search for vendors on my fav hairstylists, my old stylists vendor list and each time I was disappointed because what they sent me wasn’t even the vendor they used. Not this one! She gives you many Quality options to choose from and her list is updated she isn’t selling old vendors or vendors that’s on everyone’s list! I highly recommend if you want to invest the right way into your business